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bastardizing canon w/[info]marveltrash & [info]spacetrash [23 Jul 2020|11:01am]

AUs: sad trash heap / IT'S A COFFEESHOP AU IDK

narratives / mixes / ooc / ooc 2
2 comments|post comment - bromanoff edition [13 Nov 2017|09:35pm]
spotted in manhattan: a back from the dead (or wherever the hell he was) bb and a blonder than usual nr. the pair were seen buying enough poptarts to feed a small army. maybe a certain god of thunder is in town. ⚑️😘 whatever the case may be, the two looked a little more than cozy. we are calling this epic team up #bromanoff

jfk sighting. bb and nr again, slumming it in the tsa line. avengers. they’re just like us! oh where oh where could they be headed? somewhere warm? send us a postcard! πŸ’‹πŸ– #bromanoffonholiday

no signs of #bromanoff lately, so here is captain hottie. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #whereisbromanoff

bb just signed a lease in yonkers. will he give the key to his place along with the one to his heart? πŸ”‘ 🏑 ❀️ #bromanoffresidence

trouble in paradise? nr seen leaving cb’s bedstuy apartment in a very purple sweatshirt. we see you, VILLAIN. πŸ˜€πŸ¦πŸ•Έ#teambromanoff

nr back in red, spotted in yonkers. be still our beating hearts! πŸ’• #bromanoffresidence

bb goes green in combat, no nr in sight. πŸ’”πŸ•· #whereintheworldistheblackwidow

coffee date, interrupted. after a long day of shopping, bb and nr were photographed grabbing coffee. or should we say nb? might we suggest a decent manicure to go with the ring? πŸ–•πŸ˜‚πŸ’…πŸ’ #bromanofflives
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the java hut [07 Nov 2017|09:00am]
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ORGY SPACESHIP 2K17 [03 Nov 2017|09:17pm]
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the upside down verse - earth c-137 (let me have my rick and morty jokes) [15 Oct 2017|07:22pm]
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billy ⭐️ you're a wizard, billy [15 Oct 2017|02:17pm]
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gamora 🌌 cute green space assassin [15 Oct 2017|01:46pm]
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brotp tbh fam [12 Oct 2017|10:27pm]

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#tbt - longing [11 Oct 2017|11:50pm]

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shield asset #384 [11 Sep 2017|01:01pm]

  • charlotte / charlie. answers to chuck. female, aged thirteen years.
  • last known address: a foster home in queens in 2014. (five previous homes, various behavioral issues documented)
  • runaway, missing persons case now closed.
  • unable to find a suitable placement with social services due to violent tendencies, paranoia, antisocial disposition.
  • possibly placement with xavier's school if powers emerge.
  • will remain in shield custody until further notice.
  • must use restraints for transport for asset's safety.
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    all the double-edged people and schemes, they make a mess then go home and get clean. [06 Sep 2017|09:59pm]


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    wanda. she's weird. [05 Sep 2017|05:56pm]
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    sam. #birdpeopleproblems [05 Sep 2017|01:19pm]
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    buckynat - like you said, he's a ghost story [30 Aug 2017|08:54pm]

    x x x x

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    jessica jones - AM I THE LAST PERSON IN THIS TOWN WHO DOESN'T KNOW KARATE? [24 Aug 2017|03:43pm]
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    fool me once... [18 Aug 2017|08:57am]

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    and i've seen it in the flights of birds, i’ve seen it in you. [16 Aug 2017|09:49pm]

    "This file's been getting a lot of mileage lately."
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    rehearsal, pre-ultron. [11 Aug 2017|11:43pm]

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    shared on the secure avengers chat. [11 Aug 2017|09:24pm]

    @widow: if someone wires me $1000 i will push him out of the boat
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    brucenat returns - a couple rebel top gun pilots flying with nowhere to be [09 Aug 2017|10:07pm]

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