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bastardizing canon w/[info]marveltrash & [info]spacetrash [23 Jul 2020|11:01am]

a girl has many names
the better hawkeye
mocking you
brushing your teeth with a bottle of jack is a waste of alcohol
flies in five minutes late with starbucks

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shield asset #384 [11 Sep 2017|01:01pm]

  • charlotte / charlie. answers to chuck. female, aged thirteen years.
  • last known address: a foster home in queens in 2014. (five previous homes, various behavioral issues documented)
  • runaway, missing persons case now closed.
  • serum administered 8/1/17, but effects are unknown at present time.
  • unable to find a suitable placement with social services due to violent tendencies, paranoia, antisocial disposition.
  • possibly placement with xavier's school if powers emerge.
  • will remain in shield custody until further notice.
  • must use restraints for transport for asset's safety.
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    all the double-edged people and schemes, they make a mess then go home and get clean. [06 Sep 2017|09:59pm]


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    wanda. she's weird. [05 Sep 2017|05:56pm]
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    sam. #birdpeopleproblems [05 Sep 2017|01:19pm]
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    buckynat - like you said, he's a ghost story [30 Aug 2017|08:54pm]

    x x x x

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    jessica jones - AM I THE LAST PERSON IN THIS TOWN WHO DOESN'T KNOW KARATE? [24 Aug 2017|03:43pm]
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    fool me once... [18 Aug 2017|08:57am]

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    and i've seen it in the flights of birds, i’ve seen it in you. [16 Aug 2017|09:49pm]

    "This file's been getting a lot of mileage lately."
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    rehearsal, pre-ultron. [11 Aug 2017|11:43pm]

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    shared on the secure avengers chat. [11 Aug 2017|09:24pm]

    @widow: if someone wires me $1000 i will push him out of the boat
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    brucenat returns - a couple rebel top gun pilots flying with nowhere to be [09 Aug 2017|10:07pm]

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    bobbi morse / mockingbird / (ex)birdwife [09 Aug 2017|08:16pm]
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    WIDOW: FIELD NOTES #2 [08 Aug 2017|12:06am]
    Hydra cell outside of Yonkers has been wiped out. Data extracted and sent to HQ.

    Agent Lowell killed in action. Report to follow.

    Banner was sufficent in his duties, but ignored my direct orders.

    I do not want to die.
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    WIDOW: FIELD NOTES. [04 Aug 2017|09:36pm]
    • has been cooperative since acquisition from wakanda. see wakandan embassy's report for notes.
    • new memories emerging each day, but any new insights on that will fall to agent morse (current handler).
    • he isn't eager for combat clearance, which is a good thing. he seems to value having his opinion weighed when it comes to any further assignments.
    • knows what he's capable of, wants to use it for the right reasons.
    • rogers' recent presence in the tower will serve as a valuable asset when it comes to making sure barnes continues to remain under shield control.

    • previously amended his record to included suicidal ideation because there aren't many ways to interpret "i put a bullet in my mouth, and the other guy, spit it out." further amending to remove this note.
    • his absence was good for him. it seems he spent a majority of it with our asgardian friend. details still emerging. he seems more at ease with his alter.
    • an asset on the field, approved for combat pending director hill's review.

    • still an asshole.
    • yes, official record is necessary.
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    brucenat - i tried to dance with the devil on your back [30 Jul 2017|12:20am]

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    natasha's apartment [29 Jul 2017|11:34pm]
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    buckynat disaster playlist - and the history books forgot about us / red room & chill? [29 Jul 2017|10:44pm]

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    natasha. fire & ice. [25 Jul 2017|02:50pm]

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    kate. earth girls are easy. [23 Jul 2017|01:20pm]
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